What do you do when you don’t have sufficient funds for a funeral?
What do you do when family members argue over funeral arrangements?
We cannot predict how long we will live, hovewer we can secure certain things for our future. When you preplan your funeral, you relieve yourself of many uncertainties that would probably have never crossed you mind.

Life Eternity Group Berhad introduces the Eternity Life Plans that will take care of your final wishes, providing a diverse, multi-selection of services to ease your burden and woes.

Why Do You Need Eternity Life Plan?

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    50% of Malaysian non-Muslim do not have funeral fund

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    Funeral expenses of this group are estimated at 300 million annually

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    When a family member passed away unexpectedly, it causes immense financial stress and grief for family members who are unprepared

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    Funeral expenses increase two-fold every 10 years

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    Today, you have to pre-plan your funeral before registering in an old folk home

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