About Us

Life Eternity Group Berhad introduces the Eternity Life Plans that will take care of your final wishes, providing a diverse, multi-selection of services to ease your burden and woes.With the rising cost of funerals, Eternity has crafted a caring and affordable plan to take care of these final arrangements, assuring you of a hassle-free service that allows the dearly departed to eventually rest in peace. Even if the cost of funeral increases in the future, don t worry, as you have hedged your costs, locking in a service at today’s price. Your family and loved ones can continue to lead their lives without worry.

The Eternity Life Plan covers both the life and afterlife aspects. When you are alive, you can prepay your funeral expenses by yearly basis and even enjoy benefits and discounts from Eternity’s partners. Eternity dispels the misconceptions facing death, busting traditional myths and encouraging people to embrace the natural cycle of life and death. Eternity’s team of planners will support you during this difficult time and help you cope with bereavement.


Dato Melvin Loh



Throughout years of involvement in charitable causes, Dato Melvin Loh realised that costly funeral expenses present a huge financial burden to most middle-class families who are not prepared for it.

In order to make a change, Dato Melvin Loh founded Life Eternal Group with the vision to make funeral planning affordable and accessible for people in need. With innovation and creativity, Life Eternal Group introduced Eternity Life Plans, affordable and simple prepaid funeral packages that cater to different needs, giving customers and family members peace of mind at minimal cost.

Dato Melvin Loh’s vision and initiative in bereavement service industry has created huge impact in people’s life, enabling family members to commemorate final closure of loved ones in a peaceful and beautiful ceremony.

Henry Lee

Managing Director


Mr Lee Kum Heng is the managing director of Life Eternity Group. He specialises in the operation of financial computing and management of the company. Life Eternity sincerely hope that the society can prepare and be incharged of the final custody of their own life, so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest, and most importantly avoid giving financial pressure to the family.

Harmon Quek

Sales & Marketing Director


Mr.Harmon Quek is a well known lecturer and author in Malaysia. He is often invited to be a guest of radio and television. Moreover, he is also a consultant for many companies. Mr.Harmon deeply understands that how the Life Eternity Plan can benefit the public, and decided to serve as the ambassador of the group.
He is responsible for the marketing promotion, so that the public can have better understanding and have their advance planning with Life Eternity product in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Dixon Loh

Executive Director


For many, death is a topic that is too taboo to discuss,so the reason of getting involved in the funeral industry is to create awareness. Many people do not aware the costs of the funeral or maybe trying to avoid it until the very last moment. Besides that, the cost of a funeral is getting higher annually due to the inflation rates which may become a burden to your beloved’s one. While it is true that you may be young and have many years left to enjoy and fill with lasting moments, this is not a good reason to put off planning because none of us actually know the number of our days. In our everyday lives, we don’t really want to think bout death and that is perfectly fine. However, we can’t avoid the inevitable. Isn’t it better to be prepared?