About Us

Life Eternity Group Berhad introduces the Eternity Life Plans that will take care of your final wishes, providing a diverse, multi-selection of services to ease your burden and woes.With the rising cost of funerals, Eternity has crafted a caring and affordable plan to take care of these final arrangements, assuring you of a hassle-free service that allows the dearly departed to eventually rest in peace. Even if the cost of funeral increases in the future, don t worry, as you have hedged your costs, locking in a service at today’s price. Your family and loved ones can continue to lead their lives without worry.

The Eternity Life Plan covers both the life and afterlife aspects. When you are alive, you can prepay your funeral expenses by yearly basis and even enjoy benefits and discounts from Eternity’s partners. Eternity dispels the misconceptions facing death, busting traditional myths and encouraging people to embrace the natural cycle of life and death. Eternity’s team of planners will support you during this difficult time and help you cope with bereavement.