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Life Eternity Group Berhad was established in 2017 and has more than 3 years of professional funeral service experience.

Since 2017, Eternal Life Group has been providing comprehensive antenatal planning services for local communities in Malaysia, and is the only funeral and interment company that provides full-service in Malaysia.

We also provide funeral services for the four major religions (Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Catholicism).

Life Eternity Group Berhad practice love, gratitude, and inheritance as the concept so that everyone can come with love, leave with dignity. Embrace Life, Forever Love.

Life Eternity Group Berhad 4 major religions cover Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Catholicism


1. Guidance
2. Agreement
3. Dressing
4. Pickup
5. Farewell Hall
6. Makeup
7. Remains
8. Burial


In the event of a sudden change, we are concerned about the trauma you and your loved ones have suffered. Therefore, we will provide you with professional guidance to familiarize you with the process of handling funeral matters.

Service Content:

- Provide 24-hour consultation hotline, provide dying etiquette, document handling and related issues, 365 days a year, 365 days a year.
- Provide the etiquette process and related supplies that need to be prepared in advance during the dying funeral.
- Instruct family members how to handle related matters and precautions such as death certificate, cancellation of household registration, and collection of funeral subsidies.
- Provide a complete description of the funeral and interment service process and related charging standards.
- Introduce the various etiquette services provided by this service center and the itinerary for one-stop funeral services.

2. Agreement

According to the needs of the family, we design a funeral for the deceased together with the family, to recall the past, organize the life of the deceased, and leave an unforgettable memory to relatives and friends.

Service Content:

- According to the actual situation of the family members, funeral homes, hearses, farewell halls, cremation furnaces, urn shrouds, etc. are recommended for family members to choose from.
- According to the family's choice, list the specific content of the entire funeral service one by one, and clarify the service items and costs.
- According to the funeral service content selected by the family, sign a funeral service agreement with the family, and inform the family of the funeral service process during the funeral.

3. Dressing

Five hours after the death of a loved one is the most suitable dressing period. When it is difficult to part with your loved one, don’t worry, just wait for our service staff to arrive on time, and I will express the hardship with professional services. situation.

Service Content:

- Before getting dressed, the service staff bowed to the deceased to show respect for the deceased.
- Take off the clothes of the deceased one by one from bottom to top, wipe the body of the deceased with professional bidet products, clean up the dirt in the mouth and nose, and clean up the excrement to complete the body cleaning.
- From the bottom up, the deceased will be put on a shroud, covered with a longevity mattress, jewellery, covered with a longevity quilt, and completed.
- Covering cloth must be used to cover the entire body dressing process to protect the privacy of the deceased.

4. Pickup

We provide a 24-hour hearse consultation service, open all year round. Whether your loved one dies at home or in the hospital, whether it is dying during the day or night, you can get the service immediately.

Service Content:

- Arrange a professional funeral service consultant to assist family members in various related matters.
- Make an appointment for a funeral home hearse and a staff member to pick up the remains to the funeral home or the designated place of the family.
- Assist in going through the admission procedures of the funeral home, and place the deceased's body in the body refrigerator.
- If the remains are transported back to the funeral home, if necessary, we will order a mobile freezer, store the deceased's remains in a safe place, or immediately hold an enshrining ceremony.

5.  Farewell Hall

At this stage, we will communicate with you in a professional and discreet manner, and complete all preparations in accordance with the originally planned farewell ceremony.

Service Content:

- Book the farewell hall, cremation furnace and other related items in advance, and inform the family members of the time and schedule of the farewell ceremony.
- Arrange the farewell hall in advance, including the arrangement of the remains in the farewell hall, flowers, wreaths, banners, lights, sound, memorials and other related items, and finally confirm with the family members that they are correct.
- If there is a need to set up a mourning hall in the home, we will plan to set up a mourning hall, set up altars, and display lamps, etc., so that the home belongs to the morning and evening during the funeral.
- If necessary, we will hire a temple host to help the deceased.

6. Makeup

This is the last chance for the family to see the deceased. Traditional custom will place the body of the deceased in the farewell hall after the enshrinement is completed, allowing relatives and friends to pay homage to the remains.

Service Content:

- Professionals will take the deceased out of the refrigerator for natural thawing.
- Professional cosmetic make-up artists will make up and make up the deceased.
- The deceased will be buried in a coffin by professionals.

7. Remains

In the last time a loved one was sent away, they were often so sad that they couldn't restrain themselves. At this time, you can rest assured that all funeral ceremonies will be handed over to professional us.

Service Content:

- Assist family members to go through the formalities of claiming the remains and transport the remains to the farewell hall
- The funeral service commissioner provides full service on site and guides relatives and friends who come to bid farewell to the farewell ceremony.
- Please the master of ceremonies or facilitator to preside over the farewell ceremony and guide relatives and friends to do farewell ceremony.
- If necessary, we will provide professional photographers to leave precious records for the funeral.

8. Burial

After completing the solemn laying ceremony, with pious heart and professional service, we will help you to bury the dead body in a predetermined place for future memorial.

Service Content:

- Tomb selection special vehicles will pick you up and drop off at your door, and a professional tomb selection service staff will accompany you throughout the process.
- Tree burials, lawn burials, sea burials, tower burials, wall burials and traditional stele burials are convenient for family members to choose.
- If required, there are also many options for burial ceremonies, from simple to solemn, providing a variety of characteristic burial rituals.
- If necessary, we will guide you through the selection of cemetery supplies and burial objects, and choose auspicious days for burial.

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