Eternal Life Group is a diversified and modern funeral service organization that specializes in hospice care, funeral services, wholesale of funeral supplies, and cemetery sales. The service tenet of "the deceased gains the good, the living has no regrets", the service concept of "starting and ending, sincere and sincere", and the business attitude of "sustainable management, respect and respect", provide high-quality products to Malaysian citizens Funeral funeral services.

All employees of Eternal Life Group have always provided 24-hour one-stop funeral services for their families with enthusiasm, care, patience and humility. Families only need to make a phone call to get 24-hour one-to-one high-quality service from the customer service specialist. "High-quality service, reasonable price" is the long-term service standard of Hengmu Funeral. We now have 24-hour consultation on funeral and funeral etiquette, funeral planning, custom-made shrouds, dressing and facelifting, presided over the funeral, portrait production, mourning hall design, spiritual director, writing elegiac couplets, feng shui consultation, cemetery location selection, tombstone image production, Assist in the one-stop service of cremation, cemetery burial and funeral ceremonies.

Eternal Life Group has always regarded the development of the funeral industry in line with the national funeral reform as its sacred mission, striving to create a first-class funeral service enterprise. The company has professional design, planning, etiquette, plastic surgery, floristry, photography and other technical talents to provide the masses with Professional funeral services have achieved good social benefits. Adhering to the concept of professionalism, humanization and customization of services, the company has hosted thousands of full-course funerals for ordinary people, military leaders, business people, entertainers, returned overseas Chinese, party and political circles, corporate bosses and employees. The funeral went well and received praise from people from all walks of life, comforting family members.

Harmonious concept, sincere attitude, excellent quality, meticulous division of labor, first-class facilities, complete projects, strict management, and assured quality will make you happy to find that there is a professional service by your loved ones. The team accompanies him (her) through the last journey of life successfully. You only need a phone call, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the perfect service, so that the deceased can get the most appropriate end-of-life service, and let the relatives get the most intimate comfort。

The belief of Eternal Life Group

Life Eternity Group Berhad is the only company in Malaysia that provides a comprehensive pre-life planning service sharing platform.