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We Are Here for Your Family in Your Time of Need

All your life, you make plans to provide the best for your family and loved ones. However, many of us underestimate the real cost of funeral and pass on the financial burden to people we love, putting them in grief and pressure.

In Eternity, we empower you to protect your family with affordable prepaid funeral plan. We have created customized Eternity Life Plans that take away painful funeral arrangement from your family, allowing you to arrange for your own closure and lock in funeral expenses based on today’s value.

Our professional team will walk your family through every step of your prescribed funeral plan, so that they can focus on the thing that matters most: sending their love and remembrance.

Why Do You Need Eternity Life Plan?

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    50% of Malaysian non-Muslim do not have funeral fund

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    Funeral expenses of this group are estimated at 300 million annually

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    When a family member passed away unexpectedly, it causes immense financial stress and grief for family members who are unprepared

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    Funeral expenses increase two-fold every 10 years

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    Today, you have to pre-plan your funeral before registering in an old folk home

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